Hello everyone, i would love to be a Dota 2 or an E-sports caster

Well i am currently working on just casting public games and such on dota 2 and u will see my work soon ofc. aspiring caster.:slight_smile: /Dan

If anyone has any tip or u know want to help out, because there is so many tournaments and such, and i rly think these guys not everyone ofc , i have my favorites, but alot of them just make me fall asleep, i guess its not their intent to do that, but they need some constructive… Man, im halv asleep right now writing this, but i am talented i have a good voice i look good, and yeah. I am practicing and getting better everyday. i dont know but i heard this site from Purge, u know, and i dont know if this site is alive still?

where will i upload my stuff and so on :slight_smile: or if u just want to check me out i will add an youtube adress right here or something like that, i will also make a twitch stream of all my videos im working on and so on, my 2 previous twitch accounts is just me sitting there collecting money and playing dota so, not that fun to watch i guess, but this is a post 2023-11-29 ive looked at the guys in pinnacle cup i mean the casters and i have also heard one of the casters in the european league that sounds like he has like 25 shots in him, so i will be doing great i hope, i am from sweden, my girlfriend doesnt want me to be a caster, maybe jealosy or that i will just sit by the computer all day making nada income, or something like that, but i ensured here, with hard work and dedication i will create my own job and this will make an income for us, not like the OLYFANS income some of us swedes are making haha. but this is me, i hope to put up a photo of me or something , u know, i forgot, the casters ive seen today have no humor u know. The casters should be there just to make the competition greater and talk to the people on how to do this and that, and yeah just teach them things, i know that i will have alot of negative impact in the beggining but im sure, i wont be bothered like my friend who just quit because she didnt like the sexuall harassments and insults, she wouldve been one of the greats in this kind of job if she didnt pay attention to that. but now where here and we are here to stay, maybe i will show up with a black eye in a video or something my GF just puching me just for writing this, i hope not, but yeah this is me, I live in Sweden, right next to Gothenburg and i dont know what to tell u guys, im working with computers but i think its kind of boring, i would like to be a face out for the dota 2 community and such u know. omg i was so close to mention my friend who has a pretty funny name including the beautiful Ephey, but i will not mention that, she has made alot of people want to be casters i think, she is so feminime, and i like her voice, i cant say that i am feminime and u will like my voice like hers but im sure there is some dota 2 women out there who would love to see me casting and all that. well thank u guys, if u want to know more about me , just write me, i dont know how this site works, but ofc. just write me, if u would like to put me infront of the camera right now like a standin for anyone, well, damn would be great i wouldnt say no, i am here , and i will be reached at my Email at all times. lets see if i can put on an image in here or something, okay i hope i did it right, how u can improve dota, well just hire me or something . haha :wink: thats all for me for now. so have a nice night/day depending on where u live. /Dan